Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation

Korey's Model

Modern theorist and writer, Jerzy Korey-Krzeczowski, founder and President Canadian School of Management, have proposed an integrated model of strategic management.

Korey's model consists of three discrete major phases:

(1) preliminary analysis phase,
(2) strategic planning phase,
(3) strategic management phase

Further, Korey states that the systematic planning consists of at least four continuous subprocesses:

(1) planning studies,
(2) review and control,
(3) feasibility studies, and
(4) feasibility studies.

The planning is ongoing process, thus all these subprocesses are integrated and they are interacted each other; creating the fully dynamic model.

Korey's model incorporates both planning and control functions. Moreover, it describes not only long-range strategic planning process, but also includes elements of medium and short range planning.

Korey's model is based on existing models; but it differs in content, emphasis, and process.

This model adds several facets to the planning process that the reader has not seen in other models. Some of these are: development of educational philosophy, analysis of the value systems, review of community orientation and social responsibilities, definition of planning parameters, planning studies, and feasibility studies.

Using Kory's model for strategic planning provides both new direction and new energy to the organization.