Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation

Glueck's Model

William F. Glueck developed several models of strategic management based on the general decision-making process.

The phases of this model are as follows:

* Strategic managements elements: " determine mission, goals, and values of the firm and the key decision makers."

* Analysis and diagnosis: " search the environment and diagnose the impact of the threats and opportunities."

* Choice: consider various alternatives and assure that the appropriate strategy is chosen."

* Implementation: " match plans, policies, resources, structure, and administrative style with the strategy."

* Evaluation: " ensure strategy and implementation will meet objectives."

As major contribution to the strategic management process, Glueck considered two elements: "enterprise objectives" (the mission and objectives of the enterprise," and "enterprise strategists" (who are involved in the process).

Moreover, Glueck broke down the planning process into analysis and diagnosis, choice, implementation, and evaluation functions. This model also treats leadership, policy, and organizational factors.

However, Glueck omitted the important medium- and short-range planning activities of strategy implementation.